No matter how experienced we are as writers, it can be helpful to have an impartial opinion. We need someone with our best interests at heart to help us decide whether our text is fit for its intended purpose and identify ways to get it into the best shape possible. Sometimes this will be a simple edit to improve clarity and consistency of style, and sometimes we might need to refocus sections or even reorganise the whole document.

The process begins with a discussion. You can book a time that suits you and send me your material a couple of days in advance. I will offer you feedback on your project and make suggestions on how to proceed. This will include different options as to how you can work with me to bring the project to completion. We will then discuss the benefits and implications of each in terms of time and cost. I will work with you to identify the best solution, whatever stage in the process your writing project is at. But nothing will happen without your agreement—in the end, the text is yours.