Training options for postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral research provides a limited window of opportunity to demonstrate our potential as independent researchers. High-impact publications are the name of the game, but very soon we will also need to show that we have our own vision for the future and the drive to implement it in our own group. The training offered here is designed to help postdoctoral researchers navigate this key stage in their careers. All training can be taken as part of a larger group or individually, with regular one-to-one input.

Writing for Publication

Research success is dependent entirely upon our ability to establish and maintain a strong publication record. It is therefore essential that early career researchers gain in-depth experience of writing for publication. This program takes participants through the process of writing a research article from beginning to end. It provides a framework for developing your research article whilst also establishing a strong approach to research writing in general.

We will explore key considerations, such as:

  1. Who are we writing for and why?

  2. Making things clear … on multiple levels

  3. Engaging readers, convincing them, and managing their expectations

  4. Holding readers’ attention

  5. Clarity, readability, and flow

  6. Dealing with editors and reviewers

The elite program can also be used to receive specific feedback and support as you prepare your manuscript for submission.

Fellowship writing and job applications

Preparing to write a funding proposal for the first time can be daunting. To be successful, you need to demonstrate your potential to make an independent contribution to your field. This requires a confident writing style in which applicants must show their experience and credentials in a way that emphasises their ability to do the proposed work. Yet at the same time, the focus must be maintained on the relevance of the work itself, independently of the personal opportunity it gives the applicant. Achieving this delicate balance is further complicated by the need to capture the attention of reviewers who may read hundreds of applications in a variety of different formats.

The elite program allows participants to receive detailed one-to-one input on their application as they work through the content.

Developing your research vision

Whether we like it or not, research success is measured on our ability to establish and maintain a strong publication record. In a competitive environment, this requires more than good writing skills. We must be able to develop a clear research vision that can be communicated effectively to funding agencies and implemented efficiently in the interaction with other group members. As our vision is converted into findings, we then face the challenge of demonstrating how our work contributes to a given field. If we are able to bring all of these different elements together in the way we approach research in our group, the likelihood of continued success will be enhanced significantly.

This program provides a supportive framework in which postdoctoral researchers can explore their direction and develop a convincing research plan. It can also be taken in combination with the Fellowship Writing and Job Applications option as postdocs seek to establish their own research groups.