Training options for group leaders

Iain Patten’s writing course has had an enormous impact on the scientific productivity of my laboratory. His concept of not only training students in writing skills but also instructing their scientific mentors how to provide the most useful feedback is extremely helpful.
— Dr Daniel Gerlich, Senior Scientist, IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna

As group leaders, we are responsible for the learning and development of our group members. However, sometimes we can also benefit from an opportunity to develop further ourselves. The training options offered here help group leaders to explore the direction of their research and how they implement their vision as part of a research group. There are also options to explore your own writing in depth and to support others in their learning whilst remaining actively involved in the writing process. All training can be followed as part of a larger group or individually, with extensive one-to-one input from Dr. Iain Patten.

Developing your research strategy

The success of a research group is ultimately measured by its publication output. It is therefore essential for group leaders to establish conditions that will favour efficient, high-impact publication of research. Taking a proactive, strategic approach to writing, however, not only enhances publication success but has a positive impact on the research itself. In this course, we will explore the relationship between research and publication and how this can be exploited to build an effective publication strategy.

Mentoring the writing process

To become a research group leader, you must already have been successful in publishing your own work. Our ability to write, however, does not always match our ability to explain how we do it. Consequently, many group leaders experience frustration when it comes to working with the writing of less-experienced researchers. In this course, participants can explore ways of managing and mentoring the work of junior researchers and guiding them on the road to becoming independent, publishing scientists. 

When taken as an elite program, this option can be combined with Writing for Publication for a group of authors, allowing a less-experienced author to develop the manuscript whilst you mentor the process.

Writing for publication

As a group leader, your continued success is entirely dependent on maintaining a strong publication record. This course offers a rare opportunity to evaluate and consolidate our approach to writing research articles. As you develop your article for publication, you can explore key considerations such as where your work can really make a contribution, how to engage your audience and lead them convincingly through the story, and how to work flexibly with a developing story.

An elite program is available with regular individual discussion of your work. This can also be offered to groups of authors working on a single manuscript and can be taken in parallel to the Mentoring the Writing Process program.