Training options for graduate students

Your PhD marks a major transition in the type of writing that is required of you. You are no longer being assessed on what you know but rather on your ability to make a contribution to your field. You need to develop the confidence to show people you have something to offer.

Navigating your PhD, from research proposal to thesis

Writing begins the moment you start your PhD. In most cases, you will need to write a research proposal and then you will continue to write progress reports as you move closer to the time when you must present your work for assessment. If you know how to engage with this process, however, it provides an excellent opportunity to shape your research and begin to build the framework for your thesis.

This program will show you how writing can be used as a powerful tool to help you focus your research rather than just another external requirement. You will learn how to build a flexible framework for your thesis from the earliest stages of your work and then adapt it in the light of experience. The program will help you to avoid last minute surprises and even enjoy developing your writing as you go along, without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Writing for Publication

Most people will not read your PhD thesis, but they will read the papers that come out of it. This is where your reputation as a researcher begins to be established.

In this program, I will take you through the process of writing a research article from beginning to end. We will explore key considerations, such as:

  1. Who are we writing for and why?

  2. Making things clear … on multiple levels

  3. Engaging readers, convincing them, and managing their expectations

  4. Holding readers’ attention

  5. Clarity, readability, and flow

  6. Dealing with editors and reviewers

An elite program is also available with regular one-to-one discussion of your developing manuscript as you prepare it for submission.

Fellowship writing

If you continue in research, it is likely that you will want to apply for a postdoctoral research fellowship.

This program will show you how to achieve a delicate balance—demonstrating your potential to make an independent contribution to your field at the same time as showing relevance of the work itself. It will help you to develop a confident writing style that highlights your experience and credentials while maximising opportunities to capture the attention of reviewers who may read hundreds of applications in a variety of different formats.

An elite program is also available with regular one-to-one discussion of your application.